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Metro Friendship Foundation (MFF) empowers individuals with ASD to fulfill their life's potential through scholarships.


Metro Friendship Foundation is viewed as the premier charitable organization granting scholarships to every qualifying individual seeking social skills development through approved providers.  This social skill development will enhance the recipients' opportunities to reach their potential to become contributing members of society by making a living with meaningful work, engaging in and contributing to their communities, and enjoying relationships.


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About Us

MFF is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  MFF is guided by a volunteer board of directors from communities throughout the Twin Cities area.

A Growing Need    (Click here to see a short video about one family)

Autism and other related conditions are complex neurobiological disorders that typically last throughout a person’s lifetime and affect a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. This condition is known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and is diagnosed by a physician. Harvard School of Public Health estimates that direct costs for individuals with ASD range from $29,000 to more than $43,000 per person per year. Parents living with children with ASD have strong financial concerns for their families.

  • Cost of caring for the child can drain family financial resources
  • Cost of caring for the child can drain family’s future finances
  • Cost of raising this child financially impacts raising other siblings

Without early intervention in social skills training, many individuals with ASD may never achieve economic self sufficiency.

Digby Tantam synthesized the result of two studies focusing on adults with high functioning Autism and found that only 17% were employed. These individuals are often very bright but are unemployed or underemployed primarily because of social skills deficits, sensory issues, problematic behaviors and poor communication skills. (Smith Myles, B., & Simpson, RL, Aspergers Syndrome: A Guide For Educators and Parents)

MFF Volunteer Board of Directors

President:  Debra Jensen
Vice President: Julie Christiansen
Secretary: Debra Schipper  
Treasurer:  James Cegla
Dawn Brasch

MFF's Approved Service Providers

Autism Society of Minnesota*

Celebrate the Spectrum*

Changing Perspectives*

Connections:  Social Skills Camp*

West Metro Learning Connections*

Other Helpful Links

Autism Society of America

Autism Speaks

First Signs


Minnesota Parents Know

*Provider has been screened by MFF's board to determine that their services meet the criteria of MFF's 501(c)(3) purpose and provider has a current working relationship with MFF.  Scholarships may only be granted for services from these providers at this time.  Contact MFF if you would like to recommend additional social skill providers within the seven county metro area.

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